"We welcome a “virtual stage” and interactive platform for creative artists that foster a safe community to share works in progress, find feedback and inspiration, and reshare polished works."

- Studio Sketches


Studio Sketches is about creators supporting one another. We want our members to use Studio Sketches as a platform and a safe place for sharing and gaining, knowledge, feedback, and inspiration.

  • Studio Sketches highlights the importance of the creative process and assists artists in the development of new creations with constructive feedback. 


  • We believe every member offers a valuable perspective and we encourage artists to be open-minded. 


- Members who sign up to be apart of the Studio Sketches community will be able to post on the forum.

- Guests who are not members of Studio Sketches will not be able to post and will only be able to see content from our members. 


- Videos that are posted have a limit of 500MB. If video is longer, we encourage our members to submit 2 or more video files if necessary. 


When submitting works, give a title as well as a short description. (ie: feedback, ideas, story, creative process, etc)


- Under 'Works in Progress,' members will post upcoming works under "Finished Works,' Studio Sketches community will find our members completed works.